Your 2020 Vision of the Future
The Study is designed to:
  • challenge current legal service models;
  • answer key strategic questions; and
  • enable corporate and law firm counsel to effect a 20/20 strategic vision with foresight, not hindsight.
Expert Panel
Reader Reviews
"I want to congratulate you on a wonderful piece of work. This is a very important document and the discipline you've applied to the analysis makes both a compelling read as well as an intriguing and thought provoking Study."
Jeffrey W. Carr
Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
FMC Technologies Inc.
"The Study does a remarkable job of imagining futures that challenge current and historic thinking about ‘how’ the legal profession delivers its services and ‘what’ those services should be. This report will serve as a springboard for innovative strategic thinking and adaptive planning."
Thomas L. Sager
Vice President and Assistant General Counsel
Legal Monitoring
An early warning system detecting the scope and pace of industry transformation: