An early warning system detecting the scope and pace of industry transformation
The Legal Transformation Study highlights the market factors shaping the future of the legal industry. The experts participating in the study mapped these factors into the four scenarios described in the Study. The legal monitoring service provided by Strategic Radar provides subscribers with an early warning system on the impact that changing market conditions is having on shaping the future of the legal industry.
Industry Monitoring
Industry Scanning
Industry Monitoring: Learn which market forces are expected to drive industry change
Answers to key questions provided by expert panel
Whether the four possible worlds depicted in the Study come to pass, in-whole, in-part or at all depends in varying degrees upon uncertainties such as:
  • What purchase and delivery models are emerging for legal services?
  • What types of regulatory and compliance environment will dominate?
  • Will non-attorney legal services move upstream?
  • Will the legal profession become deregulated?
  • Which litigation model will prevail globally?
  • How will smart technologies penetrate legal services?
These uncertainties present opportunities for General councils, law firms and other industry participants to benefit from them, if they are prepared. These participants must consider the answers to these questions when defining business strategies. Legal Monitoring subscribers will have access to the Legal Monitoring Dashboard which will include semi annual updates on how the experts are answering these questions…not just for today but into the future as well. The answers will provide subscribers with a preview of the actual scope and pace of the legal industry transformation. The expert panel includes leading law practitioners (firm partners and general councils), non-lawyers in key supportive roles, major legal service providers, legal academics and others.
Industry Scanning: Detecting the weak signals that could blindside your organization
The questions above have been identified as uncertainties known to impact the transformation of the legal industry. How about the questions that we simply don’t know to ask? The Legal Monitoring Dashboard includes a Message Center for highlighting new market developments shaping the industry. Premium subscribers will have the option to opt-in to receive real time email updates of new postings to the Message Center. In addition, premium subscribers will have unlimited access to the Legal Transformation Scanning Library. The scanning library is an easily navigated data base of all scanning items collected from sources such as legal publications, RSS feeds, industry blogs and observations from industry experts.