Study Background
The Legal Transformation Study is co-produced and co-published by Decision Strategies International (DSI) and Legal Research Center, Inc. (LRC). DSI and LRC have created the publication to provide legal industry participants with accurate and authoritative information concerning the future of the industry. For more details about DSI and LRC see the About Us section.
The Legal Transformation Study identifies key global trends and uncertainties that will shape the future of the legal industry and present a set of planning scenarios from these forces.
The scenarios aims are to challenge current service models, help answer key strategic questions, and enable corporate law departments and law firms to proactively identify decision-making strategies for future business success. The Study's findings can help your organization:
  • Compete more successfully in the global legal marketplace;
  • Reduce the risk -- and cost -- of unexpected business surprises and threats; and
  • Identify new opportunities and strategies for business growth, enhanced profitability and competitive immunity in the legal industry.
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